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Things They Say

And probably wish they didn't

“I feel disappointed with Canada. We are not numbers. We are people. We are not backlogs. We are assets.” --- Yuanyuan Dong, an electronic automation engineer from Shenzhen, China. Dong and thousands of others who applied to immigrate to Canada have now had their applications cancelled by the Harper government. (Toronto Star, April 23)


“I can convey to you today the dearest wish of students now on strike, and it is that our strike serve as a springboard to a much wider, much deeper and, yes, much more radical challenge of the direction Quebec has taken in recent years.” --- Quebec student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. (National Post, May 2)


“Usually, it is the media chasing Mayor Rob Ford. I never expected Mayor Ford to chase me.” --- Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, who was accosted by Rob Ford near the mayor’s house. (Star, May 3)

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