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Must Reads and Miscellany

Suggested readings for expanded minds

Death by a thousand cuts. No good will come of proposed public service cuts, if experience is any guide. Not a leaner, more nimble public service, certainly, and not a more affordable one. Any savings, history suggests, will be illusory, counter-productive or transient.


Message to Israel: Get with the program Whatever one thinks about the Palestinian effort to focus world attention on the plight of its people, it’s a showcase example of the shifting global order


‘Courageous’ judge takes on Halton cops A provincial court judge in Halton has taken on police in the region, releasing two bold rulings in less than a month rebuking officers for excessive force.


Waterfront saved by an energized public The Ford administration’s failed attack on Waterfront Toronto may have beneficial spin-offs, including a more activist public and faster work on the Port Lands.


CSIS: Opportunity knocks for the lazy, clueless. It turns out Canada’s spy agency is a ship of fool…


Yes, it's torture Christopher Hitchens debunks Dick Cheney’s claim that waterboarding isn’t torture.


Looters in suits: Three years ago this week, Lehman Brothers crashed. Since then, Britain's bankers have learnt nothing and have been let off the hook again


Expanding Network of Drone Bases to Hit Somalia, Yemen. “As Somalia undergoes its worst famine in six decades and Yemen slides into civil war, the administration of President Barack Obama is expanding its network of bases to carry out drone strikes against suspected terrorists in both countries…”


The Long, Murderous Arm of the Law Has Killed Troy Davis. After a long delay from the Supreme Court, Troy Davis was executed at 11:08 PM Wednesday night, Sept 21, despite over a million people asking for clemency.


Troy Davis Executed, While CEO Responsible for Deaths of 29 Miners Sails Free

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