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Must Reads and Miscellany

Suggested readings for expanded minds

Jack Layton's legacy. “He saw the suffering of a human being anywhere in the world as an equally important political problem.” By NDP MP Paul Dewar in the Embassy.


Hudak’s bad deal for cities. “Ontario Conservative Leader Tim Hudak looks set to balance the province's books by sticking cities with a $500-million bill.” A Toronto Star editorial that must have infuriated Tim Hudak aka Mike Harris 2.0. 


Apocalyptic crisis budgetingWe are best served when we build a society together where all can benefit through the building of community-wide programs.” Strong work from the Star.


What Happened to Obama? From the New York Times, this is a MUST READ!


Look out – Canada, too, could catch the riot virus  “Let’s not fool ourselves: The widening gulf between the rich and poor poses a serious threat. Our cities need to get back to providing real pathways for opportunity for all their residents, Richard Florida argues in the Globe.”


Is Rioting Revolutionary?We are in a revolutionary moment. Prepare yourself: this global insurrection will unfold in ways we lefties may not like.” Good stuff from Adbusters magazine.


The tale of Rob Ford and how he’s lost the plot. “Storyteller Dan Yashinsky says there are differences between Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s storytelling practice and his.” Also read Ford’s meeting partners revealed: “The Star filed a request for the names of the mayor's meeting partners after his staff began omitting them from his schedules.” Revealing.


Harper spins a new brand of patriotism. “Tories look for political payoffs by embracing symbols ignored by the Grits: Arctic, military, national sports and especially monarchy.”


Artist sees red over government ‘blacklisting’ “Harper government critic says Ottawa is trying to ‘silence’ her abroad after funding for a European tour of her work this summer was cancelled.”


Effectively silencing Canada’s whistleblowers.Last week an adjudicator at the Public Service Labour Relations Board handed down rulings related to three Health Canada scientists that confirm what many Canadians — and international observers — had already concluded: that Canada is not a safe place for honest employees, especially if they work for the federal government.” Must read from the Toronto Star.


History repeats itself, with mistakes of Iraq rehearsed afresh (“Doomed always to fight the last war, we are recommitting the same old sin in Libya”) AND Prosecuting war crimes? Be sure to read the small print. Both brilliant works by Robert Fisk in the Independent.


Libya's imperial hijacking is a threat to the Arab revolution. “Only when those who fought Gaddafi force Nato to leave will Libyans be able to take control of their country.” From The Guardian.


UK bid for US-style police reveals despair. In the wake of the UK riots, David Cameron's plans of emulating US policing models face harsh criticism from politicians and activists alike.


The fruits of elite immunity. A pointed attack on Dick Cheney and Barack Obama, by the always trenchant Glenn Greenwald.

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs. “As the violence spread, billions of dollars of cartel cash began to seep into the global financial system. But a special investigation by the Observer reveals how the increasingly frantic warnings of one London whistleblower were ignored”


Is capitalism doomed? The recent credit rating downgrade and Eurozone debt crises are slowly showing signs of The Great Depression 2.0. The now-infamous article by Nouriel Roubini.


Why boycott Israel? A founding member of the campaign for the academic and cultural boycott outlines the motivation behind the movement. From Al Jazeera.


China rules the rare earth. The global race to grab a share of rare earth metals in Central Asia has begun. Also from Al Jazeera.

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