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The Pitch

We hope you’ve enjoyed this “soft launch” issue of X-Ray, and that you’ll anticipate the next, meatier issue delivered July 22nd. Keep an eye on your junk mail box, since we haven’t yet figured out how to bypass those wonderful yet pesky spam filters. We also have yet to launch our website. Or hire a lawyer for the inevitable lawsuits. Hell, we’re only one person right now.

But you can help to change all that. If you’ve enjoyed this preview of X-Ray please forward it to everyone you know. You can also SUBSCRIBE to the magazine. While we may someday get revenue from advertising, X-Ray is a subscriber-based magazine. And as an introductory offer we’re selling annual subs for 50% off. E-mail subscribe@xraymagazine.ca for details. And if you can support X-Ray in any other way please don’t hesitate to get in touch… contact@xraymagazine.ca
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